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Top European Cities to Visit.

If you have toured the whole of the world and feel it’s time to visit some European city, then make sure to consider the following. Of course, it will depend on what you are looking for when planning your visit. Moreover, if you are looking for fun, or want to witness history or both of them, then there will always be a city that you can find all of them.

One of the cities to visit is Amsterdam in Netherlands. The city is well known for having open minded residents. The country has some nice culture that you will learn as you also take some coffee from the coffee shops. Party goers will really love this place. You will not fail to meet some of the famous musicians when having some fun during the night.

The other city that you can consider visiting is the London. There are very many hotels that you can enjoy eating different kinds of food. You will even be near the royal families when in London. The city also has some old structures that you can as well enjoy watching.

Barcelona in Spain is another very lively city. If you were looking for a beach to spend your vacation, then Barcelona has a lot of them. Therefore, make sure to carry your swimming costumes with you.
Another city that has established itself as tourist attraction center is Reykjavik in Iceland. You will meet the lovely people from Iceland. You can visit the Blue Lagoon, one of the most visited places in the world. If you are planning some stag events, then this city will offer you with very many venues and you can even get your body covered with mud.

Plovdiv in Bulgaria is another place to be. If you are looking for a place with many different archaeological structures, then Plovdiv is the city you need to visit. The roman theater will even be visible from far.

Of course, Paris would never miss in this list of places to visit next when planning your vacation. There is everything in this town. There is love all over and you will even feel it as you walk along the streets. Here, everything turns out to be very beautiful. There are the monuments, museums and don’t forget the famous Eiffel tower we see it printed on most T-shirts.

Turkey, Istanbul. People know Istanbul for its record and also has some nice nightlife. It is home to most empires and you will discover all that you learnt in your history class here.

The other city is Santorini in Greece. If you want to have a clear view of the sunset, then consider visiting Santorini. It is also well known for having beautiful spots and venues for marrying. Make sure you camera has enough space because every spot is worth a picture.

Valletta in Malta is another town that you should not skip. The city has been chosen as the cultural capital of Europe. There are lots of spots to visit here.

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