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Some Fun Facts About Your Eyes That Are Interesting
The eyes are the way we can see your soul. The person who said this knew that the eyes will always display your emotions. even if you can give a fake smile, your eyes will always betray your true feelings. This page will help you discover more fun and interesting facts about your eyes.

Most Caucasian babies are born with blue eye color. The color of the eye changes in time due to the body producing melanin. Also, infants do not produce tears until they are about two to three months old. If you have blue eyes you share this trait with other common ancestral blue-eyed person on the planet.

The eyelid muscles react in milliseconds. In a second, you can blink five times. This involuntary movement is vital to the health of your eyes than you may realize. Blinking is often minimal when you are reading. That is the reason why reading for long hours will tend to get your eyes to feel tired. Blinking aids in getting the eye moist to prevent dryness. The fast response of blinking also keeps the eye from any dangers that may harm it like a bright light or objects thrown to your face.

A human eye has 107million cells that are working in conjunction with the brain to help us see the world around us. The eye works to regulate the light that enters the pupil by dilating or contracting the iris. The pupil will expanding the dark to ensure that more light gets in the pupil to help us see better in the dark. The eyes work in conjunction with the brain to differentiate different images and colors directed to the brain. Some have a diverse interpretation of colors This is somewhat related to your genetics or other factors that affect the way your brain interprets what is projected.

Many people have different eye impairments, others even blind. Technological advances have helped in the correction of these impairments including glasses and contact lenses. The body also provides a high concern for the eyes. The body can fix a scratch to the cornea in 48n hours. Your tears also clean any dust particles that enter the eye and also have antibodies that prevent infections that affect your eyes.

The eyes help us to see the world. Also, they help the world to see us. Whether you have blue, brown or green eyes, they are the pair that does more other than helping you find your way around. The way the eyes help preserve themselves is fascinating and show us how critical they are to our lives.

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